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Virtues of Purslane

Posted by Barbara Mansfield on

If you’ve battled purslane out of your garden, only to discover the “weed” popping up elsewhere like a hydra—maybe just stop the fight. Purslane is extremely nutritious—both inside your body and for your skin. 

Here in the Catskills it’s a good time to harvest. Pluck the tender leaves and use raw or cook as you might use chard or spinach. However, we use the juicy stalks to formulate for skin.

Purslane is perhaps the richest source for alpha-linolenic acids—fatty acids that reduce hyperpigmentation, inflammation and overproduction of sebum. This plant also has a unique ability to promote the enzyme telomerase which protects cell DNA repair function. This is why we use it in our Anti-Aging serum.

The purslane we get from Windfall Farms (pictured) is a great indicator of the benefits of their Unconventionally Grown, better-than-organic, nutrient-dense growing practices. Those ruby-red stems are rich in carotenoids, which encourage collagen and elastin production.  So grateful for the growers and wildcrafters that supply us!

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