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Is a Rose Still a Rose By a Different Name?

Posted by Barbara Mansfield on

I don’t often get to distill fresh roses, but today Windfall Farms delivered a couple of pounds (yes pounds!) of English Rose (Rosa Molineux) via the Phoenicia Farm Market. Most essential oils and hydrosols are distilled  from Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena) or Cabbage Rose (Rosa Centifolia). In fact, our triple-infused Rose Oil is made with dried Rosa Centifolia. Windfall’s fresh English Rose is very different from these varieties—light green and fruity at the top and then the rose scent lingers.

We use rose hydrosol to make our Green Dream face moisturizer, and for a very limited time we will sell English Rose Toner made from this fresh batch of Windfall’s roses. We’ve added hyaluronic acid for a pH balanced toner that soothes, minimizes pores, and deeply moisturizes. Not to mention the aromatherapy benefits.

Few skincare products are made with real rose—people have come to expect a certain scent strength and the subtly of a real rose distillate or infusion is typically drowned out by competing household aromas. But, if you can remove yourself to a scent-neutral space and spray a rose hydrosol on your face and breathe in… you’re in for a treat—smells like pure joy.

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