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Spruce Tips: unique benefits for skin

Posted by Barbara Mansfield on

Hinterland is exploding with new growth. We went behind our Phoenicia Shop store to harvest White Spruce tips from Hinterland for a hydrosol distillation we are doing at the Catskill Center Great Outdoor Expo. Our demo starts at 10:00 on Saturday, drop on by if you’re near Mt. Tremper.

The components obtained from the hydrosol of Picea glauca (Moench)Voss (White Spruce) are different from essential oil distillation. The major chemical compounds are camphor and a bit of borneol. By contrast, spruce essential oil is composed mainly of pinene(s) with some camphor and bornyl acetate. This amounts to a softened "piney" aroma and some significant skin benefits.

Unlike mature growth, spruce tips (which appear in mid-to-late spring) contain limonene, a highly effective antioxidant for skin. it’s also a permeation enhancer, so it potentiates the other major chemical compounds: camphor and borneal. Camphor is antifungal and antibacterial and may help in alleviating itching and irritation. Borneal may help improve circulation. Given the unique compounds, Spruce Tip Hydrosol is a perfect detox spray for face and other skin parts exposed to environmental ravages.

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