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About Us

Moses Mansfield (dog of sensitive skin)

Everyone in my family dealt with extremely sensitive skin. Even our dog Moses did. I’ve nurtured a wide range of skin complications—from Cally's and  Phil's allergies, to my son (Killian Mansfield), whose cancer treatments damaged and sensitized his skin. I couldn't find a soap that both smelled great and was pure, gentle and moisturizing enough for my family—so I made it.

Phoenicia Soap Co. is located in the heart of the Catskills. People often come here to further their harmony with nature. The silhouettes on my soap labels symbolize things that make visiting the Catskills fun.  

Phoenicia Soap products are plant based, using oils infused with botanicals wild-crafted or sustainably grown in the Catskills. We forego colorants and ingredients that harm people, water, and land. We minimize packaging too. 



This is hard wood that’s been burned in very low oxygen. Like activated charcoal, it’s very porous and extremely absorbent and can help with insect bitten, rash sticker, or acne-prone skin.

Essential Oils?

Many of the EO combos we choose address skin issues.