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Volunteer Traditions

Posted by Barbara Mansfield on

Spearmint is popping up here in the Catskills, peeking out along with crocus, daffodils...spring stuff, boldly flaunting new life even as weather reports predict another freeze. Spearmint is usually the first fresh plants we distill, following a winter of dried plant distillations. We bring in as many plants as we can to over-winter. It's fun to see in March what volunteers hitchhiked in--like this in this photo of marigold and spearmint that popped up a couple of weeks ago in a pot of eucalyptus. It occurred to me this is an annual serendipity--volunteer traditions. it speaks to me, deeply--how new life arranges itself. We distill spearmint into hydrosol for our Purslane Regenerative Serum. Purslane, another tenacious volunteer, is harvested in mid-to-late summer for our Serum. We make what we can from what Windfall Farms harvests during this period. When this product is gone for the year, it's GONE, until the next harvest. We have very few left, so get it while you can. Summer can feel a long way off with these New York spring freezes.

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