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Upstate Survival Kit

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True, none of these personal care items will prevent a bear attack, but you can do that by avoiding bears. Sometimes there's no avoiding poison ivy, mosquitos, ticks or thorny patches. Our soap-free Poison Ivy Wash contains no sulfates and cuts through that plant's oils extremely well to minimize outbreak. It also soothes itchy bumps if you didn't get to washing soon enough. The No Nip wards off flying insects that bite (with locally-grown citronella that we distill and lemon eucalyptus—shown in studies to be effective) and No Tick (we use the spray before hike and the shampoo/soap bar after for a two-prong attack.) Overlook Mt. Herb's Garden Salve helps heal and calm nicks and abrasions. FREE Cocoa Honey sun-shielding lip balm with any of these Survival Kit items ordered by July 15.

No Tick Shampoo & Soap bar

No Tick Spray

No Nip Spray

Poison Ivy Wash

(Garden Salve only sold in store)


Jennifer Juniper Demo

Saturday, July 9, 2:00-4:00

Phoenicia Soap Co Makers Space

5371 Route 28 Mt. Tremper. NY

Jennifer will demo lavender infusion and ways to use this multi-purpose infusion for skin care.



DIY Aromatherapy Distillation

Saturday, July 16, 3:00-4:30

Emerson Resort & Spa

5340 Route 28 Mt. Tremper. NY

Babs teaches distillation of freshly-harvested botanicals and helps participants blend their own hydrosols for aromatherapy or skin care.

Buy tix HERE

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