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Decocting Reishi Mushroom (say what?)

Posted by Barbara Mansfield on

I first heard about decocting from an amazing group of plant healing mavens I lucked into by way of herbalist/aromatherapist/distiller/soap master Cindy Crist of Following Seasons. After 15+ years of study, I finally feel comfortable with how little I know, so I can join a group of people to school me. 

I was looking to get the most beta glucans from reishi mushrooms (foraged by friends) and someone in the group with lots of experience with mushroom tinctures suggested I decoct.  

I still giggle every time I say this word. I just made my buddy Kristine say “I would definitely decoct him” within earshot of her husband, because.? I’m 12, that’s why.

Decoction is a method of extracting goodness from plant materials using heat and water. I later found studies that pressure steam extraction yielded the most beta glucans.  So, I broke in my new Star Wars BB8 Instapot for galactic extraction.

There are tons of health benefits to incorporating beta glucans in your diet, but because I focus on skin care, here’s an OK article in Cosmetics and Toiletries mag that defines those benefits. I say “OK,” because no brown or black skinned people were included in the study cited in this piece.  

Well, BB8 came through beautifully We are using the reishi extraction in our Forest Bathing lotion, and I’m testing a serum that we will launch soon.

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