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Aromatherapy Shower Bomb to Soothe the Common Cold

Posted by Barbara Mansfield on

I wash my hands. A lot. Sure, hand washing is a great preventive measure to avoid the common cold. My frequent hand washing, however, comes with being a soap maker. So, when Cally and friends of mine were all coming down with this cough-inducing virus, I had the hubris to think I was escaping that bug. I was tewwibly tewwbily wronk. 

Son Killian's radiation treatments to the head/neck area made his sinuses always in need of clearing. This cold I have reminded me that I used to make these aromatherapy bath bombs for him. They really helped him drain and soothed him. Here's the recipe I use.


1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup epsom salt

2 oz spray bottle filled with water + 20 drops of essential oil*

Spring water into baking soda and epsom salt combo until it's the consistency of wet sand, then pat into an ice cube tray or candy mold and let dry for 12 hours. Pop these out of whatever mold/tray you use when they are dry, and then the equivalent of two normal size ice cubes in the bottom of your shower. The shower creates a very soothing steam.

* Peppermint, tea tree, or eucalyptus oils work well for coughs and stuffed noses; a combo of peppermint and lavender helps relax a spastic cough; if you're just feeling foggy and icky, orange and clove can help you feel grounded and focused.  I used Bay Laurel and Peppermint in these, in hopes that it'll help ease this spastic cough!

Aromatherapy Shower Bombs Bay Laurel + Peppermint Soothe Spastic Cough

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