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New Year's Ablutions

Posted by Barbara Mansfield on

My friend Jana Martin blurbed Phoenicia Soap's Calendula Spice Shave Soap in this month's Chronogram. It's in their Well Spent section that she dubbed "The Ablution Edition." Goshawmighty I love that word: "ablution." Husband Phil purposefully misuses it (just to bother me) as a euphemism for when he heads to the john with a book. Though, as I think about it now, perhaps he is actually brainwashing in there. Given the range of scientific journals he heads to the bathroom with, it's entirely possible he's programming himself to be a robot, or botanist, or maybe a Robot Botanist. He has seemed a bit distant lately. And someone's been watering the jade plant. Sure hasn't been me....
So, to hell with New Year's Resolutions. Hook yourself up with a ritual cleansing of the old, and relax into the new. Phil helped me to determine that the previous 4 oz. size was too big for my Shave Soaps (okay papa bear). I then went to a 2 oz. size, which he (and other customers) determined was too small (okay baby bears). NEW: my shave soaps are now 3 oz. and come in a less deep tin so one can lather with a hand or a brush. All bears think this is JUST RIGHT

.NEW 3 oz. size

Phoenicia Soap Co. news Well Spent: The Ablution Edition Chronogram

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