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Mall of the Dead

Posted by Barbara Mansfield on

Macy's in the Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston, NY is one hundreds of stores closing in the next few months. This follows the closing of JC Penny's, leaving 2 of 4 anchor stores in our Mall. I'm sad for the workers who will be displaced by this closing. Kingston shoppers just aren't supporting big box and chain stores as they once were. Hudson Valley Mall has been off and on the Dead Malls list for years. 

This change is consistent with my own shopping behavior. When I first moved here in 2006 I shopped (food, clothing, what-not) in Kingston at least 2 times a week. I now shop in Kingston about 3 times a month. The way I shop has changed for three reasons: 1) online sellers are luring me with their incentives (free shipping, discounts, stored shopping lists...); 2) I know more local store owners than I did when I first moved here and these relationships are important to me and for our rural economy; and 3) I can easily learn how to make tons of things I used buy to at home. FOR INSTANCE...

I've been using soap odds and ends for a laundry soap. My fave recipe is HERE. Washing soda is a bit tricky to find--I had been ordering it online. Then, I found THIS tutorial for converting baking soda to washing soda. So, one less item I'm buying online, one less trip to the Target at Hudson Valley Mall = consumer behavior change. 


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