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Weight of Change

Posted by Barbara Mansfield on

I started growing Lemon Verbena because of it’s mood-elevating scent. In the moments I catch a whiff as it wafts on an eastbound wind from my garden I feel light. 

Change is upon us. And, the weight of change can be paralyzing. Lemon Verbena has a focusing, restorative aroma: one that can even inspire action. 

The state of stuck-ness sometimes wears disguises: like, I’m doing research. I created five face moisturizer formulations with Lemon Verbena before asking myself: why should people use this for their face? I wish I’d focused my experimentation beforehand, because it turns out, they shouldn’t.

I just wanted to use Lemon Verbena for face because it makes me want to bury my snout in a bunch and huff. But, a Lemon Verbena infusion can increase photosensitivity and therefore isn’t the best botanical for summer, sun-exposed faces.

Last year’s Lemon Verbena harvest was so bountiful that I was able to infuse quite a bit in rice bran oil with the leaves. Rice bran makes excellent carrier oil for people with eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis and other sensitive skin issues. Using only the Verbena leaves, this infusion is fragrant, with a deep green reflection of its rich organic compounds. I knew this had to be for something, but what? 

Lemon Verbena is a highly effective anti-inflammatory. There are several studies showing efficacy in helping with muscle and joint recovery. Other uses are for menstrual cramps, depression, and insomnia. 

I asked daughter Calder what I should formulate—she spends more time studying personal care products than most.

“So, I could do a light massage mousse, or muscle cream, or deep massage butter?”

She answered, “Why not keep it simple? It would be nice to have an oil for after I shower.” 

Voila! Verbena K.I.S.S. (keep it simple…) Muscle Serum.

This is a seasonal Phoenicia Soap product--not something we'll carry year-round. Use after shower, before or after exercise or massage, or on temples before bed.

When using before outdoor exercise, layer sun block on exposed skin.

Use topically on mid-section for menstrual cramps, and massage into calves for restless leg syndrome.

Verbena K.I.S.S. is rice bran oil infused with Aloysia Citrodora (Lemon Verbena), with full-spectrum hemp (300 mg CBD), and α-tocopherol (vitamin E). It comes in 2 oz. bottles with metal caps. Supply is limited.

CBD insomnia Lemon Verbena menstrual cramps Muscle Serum restless leg syndrome

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